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Aggressive, Passionate, Unique

These are not descriptions most would use when when talking about Google Ads consultants, but most businesses don’t get the opportunity to work with iCommunicate.

With over 15 years experience in website development, content copy writing, SEO and PPC, iCommunicate specialises in Google Ads account assessments, building accounts from scratch and optimising existing accounts including campaign & ad group structure, ad copy & extension writing, display placements, shopping feeds, shopping campaigns, cost reduction, increased revenue & ROAS.


For clients with existing Google Ads accounts looking for a performance assessment of account set up, tracking, campaign structure, ad performance, bid management strategies and reporting requirements.


For clients who have yet to use Google Ads or who would benefit from starting from scratch. Account structures determine success. Building Google Ads accounts from the ground up is a speciality.


For clients with existing accounts that have growth capacity but aren't reaching their full potential. Optimisation can include a complete rebuild of existing campaigns or on going maintenance to leverage optimal KPIs.

Exclusive By Design

Standards of Practice

A lot of Google Ads campaigns don't need handcrafting; but unique brands and direct sales accounts require attention to a level of detail that automation and big agencies can't provide.

We only work with clients willing to use Google Ads aggressively to reach niche audiences and/or to drive direct sales that have significantly high revenue and ROAS targets.

We won't work with businesses that insist on running Google Ads through third party tracking systems for the purposes of de-duping, which always comes at the expense of robust bid management and conversion optimisation.

Debunking De-Duping

Tracking Google Ads through third party programs (like DoubleClick) is like putting training wheels on a state-of-the-art racing bike while often paying up to twice as much for the privilege of moving more slowly.






Over 13 Years of Experience

The Woman with the Answers

Meet Stephanie Courtney, owner of iCommunicate, expert Google Ads manager, certified Google Partner and dyed in the wool Google pragmatist.