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Success online is about more than your brand, sales or image.  It’s about who you are trying to reach, how you reach them and whether their experience with your business has an impact – even if they don’t purchase your products or services.

Every time someone reaches your Web site is an opportunity to create an advocate. Costumers will buy your goods, fans will be loyal to your brand, and advocates will champion your products and services across the Web.

Your Web site has to be user friendly, customer oriented and contain content that enhances the purchasing experience.

Your marketing campaigns have to be uniquely targeted to the medium and channels you choose – not just your audience.  Digital marketing channels are unique and the people that use them even more so.  With online marketing, the medium is most of the message and tailoring that message is the key to reaching potential customers.

Your social networking has to be open, honest and human.  Not only do you have to reach your target audience, you have to inspire them to engage, you have to listen to them and respond to them continually.

‘People may never remember what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’

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