iCommunicate Analytics Revenue Increased

iCommunicate Electronics Client Case Study

iCommunicate took over the AdWords account of a small electronics sales company in Dublin in March.  We re-built the account creating stronger campaign structures, improving control over daily spends, differentiating ad groups, improving ad copy with strong calls-to-action, utilising site links to up-sell and linked deep into webpages offering computer hardware, software, printers and thousands of electronic components for personal and business use.  It is important to note, this client has no bricks & mortar store fronts and advertises exclusively with AdWords.

The success of this account is striking not only because of the increases in conversion rates, conversion volumes, order value and more, but also because these increases are consistent across two businesses run by the one client.

The First 3 Weeks of Website X

iCommunicate Analytics Increased Order Values
Order Values Increased by 57%

Within the first 3 weeks of the new account, conversion rates increased by over 16%, average order values increased by over 57%, revenue increased by over 51%, CTR increased by over 84% and media costs decreased by over 15%. *This includes the 4 day Easter Holiday weekend as compared to the previous month with no holidays.

The Second Month of Website X

iCommunicate AdWords Click Data May
iCommunicate AdWords Click Data Second Month

In the second month of the account, the conversion rate stablised while the number of transactions increased by over 9%, average order value rose by an additional 9.72%, revenue continued to increase by 20.10%, CTR went up by another 41% and the average CPC continued to decrease by 5.68%.

iCommunicate Analytics Increased Revenue Month 2
iCommunicate Increased Revenue Electonics Client Month 2

None of this uplift was due to the halo affect of off line advertising or the additional reach of display.   These increases are solely attributed to the rebuilding of the paid search account.

The First Month of Website Y

iCommunicate Revenue Increase Analytics
Website Y Revenue Increase Month 1

The statistics for the client’s second website property are more robust, but this is due in part to the website not being previously advertised.  Within the first month of advertising on Google AdWords, the number of visits increased by 522%, which caused the conversion rate to dip by 4.69%, the average order value also dipped by 13.34%, but revenue increased by 413.76% and the number of transactions increased by 492.86%.  (If this data seems confusing, take a moment to read Data Matters in Context.)



Second Month of Website Y


In the second month of the account, the conversion rate increased by more than 31%, the average order value increased by 6%, revenue increased by 61% over the first month’s increase, the number of transactions increased by another 51.76%, CTR increased by just over 40% and the average CPC was reduced by 17%.



What’s Next?

More than any other online media, AdWords is the most cost efficient for driving direct online sales, and as those sales continue to increase, our clients will be able to increase their reach through brand awareness advertising like display and social media.  Focusing on exceptional paid search campaigns that drive sales is the foundation for all other advertising initiatives. If you’re interested in starting an AdWords campaign or changing your current AdWords strategy, email stephanie.courtney@icommunicate.ie or call 086 772 862.