iCommunicate Insurance Client

iCommunicate thrives on being competitive, especially where skill is required. The advantage Google advertising is that spend alone is not enough to win the auction, gain ad position or inspire searchers to click.

In October,  we re-built an account for a small insurance provider operating in Ireland. Budgets were very constrained compared to industry standards so the build had to be strategic and very competitive.


Based on Google benchmarks for this sector of the insurance industry, our client’s ad spend was on the low end of potential investment and just below industry benchmarks. (The grey fill on the slide shows overall potential investment based on commonly used generic keywords like ‘car insurance,’ ‘car insurance Ireland,’ ‘compare car insurance’; the solid grey line shows industry standard investment and the blue line shows our client’s investment.)

Because AdWords is a cost-per-click medium and not a CPM (or cost-per-impression) medium, the clicks received for their investment was slightly higher or on par with their investment, while their impression share was very low. This was due to the CTR (click-thru-rate) being so high – not just based on the client spend but also when benchmarked against industry standards.

Click-thru-rates generally reflect the strength of ad copy: the competitiveness of the offer, strong and engaging calls-to-action, and proper use of site links.


CTR also influences QS (quality score) which influences the AdWord’s auction, ad rank and ultimately CPC (cost-per-click). Considering our client’s budgets constraints, iCommunicate was able to achieve a lower CPC while reaching a much higher ad position than industry standard.

iCommunicate is able to achieve these results because of our meticulous attention to detail.

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